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 Welcome, my name is Rich Hochstim. If you're a premed student, this site's for you.The Zone consists of seven primary pages which are shown and described below. Secondary pages (not shown) contain supplementary information.

This page is primarily a welcome mat, with MCAT and admissions time tables.
MCAT INFORMATION : very general information about the MCAT.
QUESTIONS / ANSWERS / ADVISE : more detailed information and advise, including comments about MCAT prep books.
THE MCAT EXCELERATOR™ : excerpts from my MCAT prep book. These are in pdf format, which requires Adobe Reader.
APPLYING to medical school
Application trends : a table of current medical school application and acceptance trends. This is followed by information on how to be accepted to medical school ahead of the competition--directly from high school, or before your junior year of college.
How to Avoid the Sharks : common sense advise for premedical students.
Looking Like a Keeper : information on extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation.
Premedical Time Table : Along with a timetable concerning the admissions process, a hyperlink to a secondary application sample is included.
Odds and Ins : What do application committees look at first? What if I get a "C"? Information about your personal statement (part of your primary application), plus a hyperlink to more information.
The Interview : Along with general advise about interviews, a hyperlink to sample interview questions is included.
On-line resources : On-line resources with links and brief descriptions are provided.
On paper resources : A list of publications with brief descriptions.
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How I Became a Full Time Tutor
by Rich Hochstim

Hi folks,

In 1983 I graduated from the University of Miami (FL not OH) with 42 credits in Chemistry, but I got sideswiped from Chem grad school when I showed an idea I was working on to my P-Chem lab partner, who quickly became a good friend. He asked to show it to others. Their response was very positive. So . . .

My friend and I formed a company in 1984, I applied for and eventually received a patent. We financed, manufactured, and marketed, our product, locally, nationally, and internationally, and by 1986 had lost a ton of money! The company went belly up.

What's the silver lining? Well to finance all this stuff I started teaching three hour group test reviews for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, as well as individual tutoring in the same. The turn outs for Rich's Reviews quickly went from a dozen folks to many dozens, and the demand for private tutoring went exponential. So . . . I changed direction. If I couldn't succeed at what I thought I was doing, well then by benzene, I'd become even more successful succeeding at what I was really doing.

In 1987 I taught the MCAT course for the only Prep. Co. in town back then, and expanded my review coverage to include Biology and Genetics (with Physics following soon after). Besides tutoring for all of the above, including the MCAT, I also began giving weekly group workshops in Physics and Chemistry.

For the last three years I have conducted my own MCAT prep program for both the Spring and Summer MCATs, and last summer I began work on an MCAT prep book.

And now for the most important detail. It was all, and still all is, FUN!

Why create the Zone? Because I can't help it, and know better than to argue with myself.

Hope you find the Zone useful.

09 May 97

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