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BIL 150:
 photosynthesis, aerobic respiration
 aerobic respiration (in COLOR) WOWSIES!
BMB 258/401/506:
Test One Study Sheet
CHM 111, 112, BIL 150:
 VSPER, hybridization Molecular geometry, dipole moments
 Solubility Rules

CHM 201:
 Alkenes Concepts and Reactions For my MCAT & DAT students and UM students using the Klein text.
AlkEnes Reactions For UM students using the Bruice text.
 AlkYnes Reactions For everyone.
 Sn1 Sn2 E1 E2 Matrix

Some say Dr. Wellman's tests are sublime. Other's don't. Here's a sample created by Rich.OLD STUFF
CHM 202:
 IR Review
 IR Review Examples
 Ana & Ben A thoroughly ingenious comedic introduction to Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution reactions which you cannot afford to miss, because I just said so! What are you waiting for? Click it now!
 Ana & Ben  Ana & Ben


These are rather ancient excerpts from my book (still* in progress) The MCAT EXCELERATOR™.
*I'm doing all this on video now.

MCAT Quantitative Skills
(recently updated)

Translational Motion/ Force and Newton's Laws/ Uniform Circular Motion/ Rotational Equilibrium/ Work and Energy
(rough draft)

Linear Momentum/ Fluids & Solids/ Temperature & Heat
(rough draft)

Electrostatics/Electric Circuits/Magnetic Fields
(rough draft)

Introduction to Chemistry

Gas Law/ Intermolecular Forces/ Solutions
(rough draft)

Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry
(rough draft)

I didn't spell check the above files.

A few items from my MCAT prep class:

Sample Physical Sciences Passage
Solutions to above (html file)

Molecular geometry, VSPER, hybridization, dipole moments, photosynthesis, aerobic respiration

Quick Math