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From 1984 to 2004 I gave live tests reviews to UM students in the premedical sciences. The largest turnout (> 165 students) was sadly limited by the fact that there were only 165 seats in the room. From 1994 to 2003 I designed and conducted an MCAT program, largely populated by students that had attended my reviews. In 2008 I began to research online video technology to see if it would be possible to sell videos instead of offering live reviews.  I called it TestTube. By 2010 I found a technology had recently come into existence that would allow me to easily manipulate thousands of videos, ultimately I made over 8000. I began selling videos online and straight out of the gate sold 113 video packages for the CHM 202 Dr. Colonna Final. After six years I retired TestTube, unfortunately for me UM had gradually increased the number of science instructors and gradually cut down on the average class size. These factors made TestTube a less viable option. Still it was great fun creating TestTube, and for a while I did really well. I hope you'll find the above free TestTube videos useful.
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There is a TestTube Video Review released 4 days before each of your exams and finals. Most TestTube Reviews are created for a specific professor. Each student participating will receive a large number of questions representitive of previous tests given by your instructor. By working through this material I'll help you well prepared for your exams.

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 On Sep 4, 2015, at 12:53 PM, "Orgo Student" <orgo.student@umiami.edu> wrote:

"Hi Rich,

I am a student in Dr Heller's class and I picked up your card in class.

I took CHM 201 with Colonna over 2 years ago. I studied from the book and did the in-chapter problems plus some extra ones from the book as well. Well, I got a C on the first exam...

Then, I discovered premed411 and there were videos accessible very specific to her class. Wow! They were so helpful and I didnt even open my book once. All I did was look at problems from those videos and I aced the other two exams and the cumulative final as well. 

I have no idea what should be my game plan to ace CHM 202 with Heller. I am facing two issues. First one being I have had a 2-year hiatus since I looked at a periodic table. Second one being, Heller's exams are probably different in style than Colonna's.

So far, I have been working with the book and doing the assigned problems and HW by Heller. Not sure if that is enough to ace the exam as I do not know what to expect with him.

Could you please give me some advising regarding succeeding this class like a champ?

Thank you for your help!


Hey Orgo,

Glad to hear the videos helped! I am working with someone that took Colonna 2 years ago too, and the amount of material she and you need to know is essentially limited to the reactions of alkenes and Sn1 Sn2 E1 and E2 reactions.

I have all of Dr. Heller's tests posted on premed411 and there will be videos too just like for Colonna. I would look at the practice tests to learn about Dr. Heller's style and if you need extra help you can make use of the videos.



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You probably recognize this email from the constant questions I sent for the exam 3 videos for PHY101 with Zane (on which I got a 100%... thanks for the help!)." -PHY 101 FALL 2013

"Hi Rich,
I'm sending you this email just to say thank you so much! After bombing my second exam, I was informed about your online exam reviews by a friend and, though I was skeptical at first I have to say that skepticism has been stomped out by a 95% on the exam."

"THANK YOU! :)" -PHY 101 FALL 2013

"Hi Rich,
I was wondering if you were making physics 101 for fall?!? I saw a comment on the website and got so excited I almost passed out! Please say that you are! Your videos are the best!"
18 August 2013

"Thank you for taking time from your day to answering my questions. I've got to say... I think what you are doing for students is great! It really helps to study from the test tube reviews, it definitely helps to raise grades in the class, and it certainly lowers the amount needed to study for chemistry (especially for Hoff's class).

Thanks again"

"Hi Rich!
Last semester I used your videos for Orgo and Physics and they were amazing! I could not have aced those classes without you."

"This is absolutely fantastic!" --PHY 101

"Dear Rich:
I am a big fan of yours. I bought every test tube video for Colonna's Orgo II last semester and got an A in the class."

"Thank you for making those videos! I watched all the physics ones and it helped me a lot for the test, you teach them really well if it wasn't for them I probably would not have learned the material, thanks again! : ) "

"This is the first time I have purchased a TestTube and cannot believe I hadn't done so earlier in the semester. The videos are so incredible. I will definitely be purchasing Test Tube for Orgo II next semester. It is an invaluable resource for each
en down into individual questions and your explanations are more helpful than any tutor I have beeand every student! I have a B in Orgo I right now and I know that if I had purchased the TestTubes earlier I would have an A in Colonna's class!!!! I won't be making that mistake again next semester. Thanks so much for your help! =)"

"I did test tube last semester for orgo and you're the only reason I passed! Now I log onto your website and see you're doing it for PHY 101. I almost passed out! I'm so excited!"

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